Dynamic Branding

»We all don't know what else is coming our way. Especially the Internet has a power that can only be compared to the invention of printing,« says Raban Ruddigkeit. Creative people who remain open and flexible and are reticent about forecasts and rules are best prepared for this. »That's why we don't offer anything rigid, but flexible, dynamic solutions. Things change faster and faster, you have to be prepared for that in design, especially in digital space«, he explains. PAGE Magazine, 2018

Corporate design is still a young discipline. That's why it's worth taking a closer look at current technological developments & questioning the previous structure of logo, typo & corporate colour. Because if the mobile phone is the new campfire, the old fixed ideas will no longer suffice. This is why we have developed a design concept for brands that is more open, more flexible & much more dynamic. We call it Design-Code & are happy to personally introduce you to the concept behind it.