Table Media

The Professional Briefings from Table Media are a new information service for top decision-makers and experts in business and science, politics, administration, NGOs and associations. They combine the quality of leading media with the depth of focus of experts. Table Professional Briefings appear every working day at 6 a.m. by email and as a website update. The two newsletters Table China and Table 100 Headlines will appear at the start, providing a curated overview of the entire news situation.

We have developed a branding system that consists of a color and a very special font: We have given the Google Font Roboto a new unique stencil cut (thanks to Alexander Branczyk), which makes the appearance distinctive not only in the logo, but also in every part of the newsletter. These components are supplemented by a circle that represents the table at which the knowledge leaders gather here. Further newsletters are in preparation and you can register on Table Media and receive further information.