Typodarium 2019

Typewriting gives the text – almost unnoticed by the reader – a timbre; And because this mood varies according to the text, the occasion & the event, there can not be enough writings. From monospace to blackletter, from bread writing to the limit of legibility – designers are open to new ideas & writing is becoming a creative »popular sport«.

You hardly get along – unless you secure the typodarium year after year. The who is who of the typedesign, the typo trendbook with calendar function, the collection box for typo inspiration. In Typodarium 2019, Raban Ruddigkeit & Lars Harmsen present 366 fresh fonts from 232 different type designers from over 30 countries.

Lars Harmsen and Raban Ruddigkeit have accompanied the international typeface design scene for many years, they know the stars & discover newcomers, they visit the best design schools & scouting talents. They are publishers of the selection of the typefaces, which have been carefully edited, curated & shaped by Florian Hauer for two years now.