Photodarium Private 2023

A modern, young and emancipated look at eroticism. With humorous stickers for personal censorship. From more than 1000 entries we have selected the most beautiful and exciting 365 Polaroids with their very intimate story. Printed in time-honoured quality, finished with beautiful high-gloss varnish and glued and bound by hand.

For the seventh and officially last time, an uncensored nude edition is published parallel to the classic. A modern, young and emancipated look at eroticism beyond pornographic clichés by Polaroid photographers from all over the world. The special edition is limited and not only therefore something very special!

On the front of each calendar page is an analogue Polaroid photo, printed in its original size and finished with a special glossy lacquer that creates a real Polaroid feeling. On the back there is a small text with the often very personal story of the picture as well as a note about the photographer and the Polaroid film used.

PHOTODARIUM PRIVATE 2023 - Editors: Lars Harmsen, Raban Ruddigkeit, Oliver Seltmann, Author/Design: Boris Kahl, Language: English, Dimensions: 8,8 cm x 10,7 cm, Pages: 370, Processing: Desk calendar, refined with high-gloss lacquer, incl. paper display and collector's box, Published by Seltmann Publishers,