ILIAS at Hochschule Anhalt, Department of Design Dessau

ILIAS — An Odyssey into the Future 10 students from Hochschule Anhalt, Department of Design Dessau, made a magazine to collect feelings & opinions about Europe. For research & inspiration they visited their partner university La Cambre in Brussels. All design content was created only with smartphones. 2044 is the year of Ilias’ imaginary publication. Its editorial office found ten smartphones from society dropouts. Every phone contains a last message to the world … With Calvin Esser, Maria Pietruschka, Jens Leikam, Menglu Wang, Michelle Stöhr, Belenika Eichhorn, Vanessa Enigk, Saskia Pfalz, Ira Bredenbeck & Wencke Hamann. #ilias_20144 Special thank to Aline Baudet & Severin Wucher.