Photodarium 2020

The popular classic PHOTODARIUM is now appearing for the eighth time and will delight us day after day in 2020 with an instant picture and its own little story. The high-quality tear-off calendar shows artistic and intimate snapshots of 366 well-known photographers and newcomers, of professionals and Polaroid fans from all over the world.


Publisher: seltmann+söhne, Kunst- und Fotobuchverlag
Author: Lars Harmsen, Oliver Seltmann, Raban Ruddigkeit
Creative Direction: Boris Kahl
Release: August 2019
Volume: 380 sheets
Format: 8,8 × 10,7 cm
Language: Englisch
Workmanship: 366 images, black glued, Collection box, images lacquer finish
ISBN: 978-3-946688-59-4
Price: 29.80 €

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