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Raban Ruddigkeit is one of the most awarded creatives in Germany (Der Tagesspiegel) and one of the top 50 in Europe (Designfriends Luxemburg) and works as Conceptual designer in his Berlin atelier for

Media & new media: AV Edition, Berliner Zeitung, Dokfestival Leipzig, Dok Film GmbH, Das Magazin, Der Tagesspiegel,, DVB-T Deutschland, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Galileo Press, Greenlight Media, Hohe Luft, MDM Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, MDR, Morgenpost Sachsen, Public Art Lab, Samsung, Seltmann Publishers, Sächsische Zeitung, slanted publishers, Springer AS, TABLE Media, Upday, Urban Media Network, Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Art & culture: Accentus Music, Art Directors Club für Deutschland, Baltic Sea Philharmonic, C/O Chamber Orchestra, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Direkte Auktion, Goethe Institut, ITI Internationales Theaterinstitut Deutschland, Käthe Kollwitz Museum Köln, Kulturprojekte Berlin,, Urban Media Network, MdbK Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, Museum für Kommunikation Berlin, Musikschulbündniss Berlin, Schauspiel Leipzig, transmediale Festival for art & digital culture

Society & science: Aidshilfe München, Berlin Health Institut, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft & Technologie, Create Berlin, Creative Bureaucracy Festival, CUCULA Refugee Company for Craft & Design, Deutsche Börse Group, dena Deutsche Energie-Agentur, Deutscher Bundestag, Dresdner Bank, Einstieg GmbH, ForTomorrow, Global Alliance Powerfuels, Innocence in Danger, LEA Leadership Academy, National Hydrogen Council, Unesco, Unicef, Q Berlin Questions

Agencies & consultancies: Diffferent, ECC Group, Ergo Kommunikation, Jung von Matt, KPMG Deutschland, Melle Pufe, Orange Blue, Scholz & Friends, Wächter & Wächter

More than 150 international awards, worldwide lectures & teachings at the University of Arts Berlin (UdK), the HfG Offenbach & the MSD Münster are as much a part of his daily work as the development & editing of Freistil – The Book Of Illustration, Typodarium & Photodarium (both with Lars Harmsen) as well as the Berlin Design Digest (with Robert Eysoldt). More than 250,000 of his edits have been sold worldwide to date.

In 2013, an overview of his Graphic Concepts was published as a collection under the name Rapport. In 2021, his illustrations were published as a black-and-white compilation under the title Graphic Content. Raban Ruddigkeit was a member of the Art Directors Club Germany & board member of the interdisciplinary design initiative Create Berlin. His Berlin Atelier was the first ADC Rookie Agency 2012 by Art Directors Club Germany & KfW Banking Group.

Awards 2018: The Type Directors Club New York presented an award for typographic excellence to 2018 Freistil-The Book of Illustrators. Congratulations to the designer Sarah Schnurbus. In 2018, the Frankfurt Book Fair's calendorear awards for the best graphic concept go to our Typodarium (designed by Florian Hauer) & the Berlin Type in silver to Photodarium & Photodarium Privat (designed by Boris Kahl).

1998 - 2018: ADC Rookie Agency 2012 by Art Directors Club Germany & KfW Banking Group, Visual Lead Award in Gold, Cannes Design Lions, European Design Award, Eurographic CMYK Award, ADC Europe, ADC for Germany, DDC Deutscher Designerclub, Schönste Bücher, Berliner Type, CLIO, Cresta, Eurobest, London Intl. Festival, Cristal Festival, Moscow Int'l Adv. Festival, Poster Grand Prix, The Best Posters, Best New 18/1, Das Plakat, Die Anzeige, Gregor Award, Airport Award, German Comic Open etc.

International lectures on design, illustration & editing have taken him to Europe, U.S.A. & Israel: Designcode, Designfriends, Luxembourg, 2018, Graphic Comments, Illu16, Köln, 2016, Designcode, Forum Mediendesign, Köln, 2015, 2 Secrets of Successful Design, Forum Gestaltung FH Münster, 2012, Signs are Wonder, New Museum New York, 2009, German Contemporary Illustration, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem, 2009, The Language of Pictures, Typo Berlin, 2006

Rabans work has been presented in the following international publications: 50 Friends – 50 Designers, 50 Encounters, 10 Years of Design Friends, Design Friends asbi, Luxembourg, 2018, ISBN 978-2-9199462-7-3, Layout Now – The Arrangement of Text & Graphics, SendPoints China, 2017, ISBN 978-988-77573–5-1, Shenzen International Poster Festival, China, 2016, ISBN 978-988-845-3207, Magical Geometry – Patterns in Graphic Design, SendPoints China, 2016, ISBN 978-988-14703-9-3, No Words Poster, Edited by Armando Milan, RIT Press New York, USA, ISBN 978-1-939125-09-5, Anschlag Berlin – Zeitgeistmedium Plakat, Edited by Fons Hickmann, Sven Lindhorst-Emme & Weltformat, Seltmann+Söhne Germany, 2015, ISBN 978-3-944721-56-9, Shenzen International Poster Festival, China, 2015, ISBN 978-988-8371-44-4, Box It Up – Graphic Express, Basheer Singapore, 202014, ISBN 978-981-09-0379-4, Project Sunshine for Japan, Edited by Mansoureh Rahnama, Bettler Germany, 2013, ISBN 9-783862-062195, Black & White – New Monochrome Graphics, Dictionary Hong-Kong, 2012, ISBN 978-988-19439-5-8, One By One, Hesign China & Germany, 2011, ISBN 978-3-9814557-0-0, Buchdesign Heute, Stiebner Germany, 2004, ISB 3-8307-1289-8

Raban Ruddigkeit is one of those who see artificial intelligence not as a threat but as an opportunity, which is why he has been working with a wide range of tools since the launch of Chat GPT. Since May 2023, he has been one of the first AI artists in the German-speaking world to be represented by the agency yesweprompt.

Photo by Stephanie Neumann, 2021. German Bio at Wikipedia