New Visual Column at Berliner Zeitung

»Anyone who knows Raban Ruddigkeit knows that the graphic is his language. It is the language in which he thinks, is creative and in which he opens up his surprising worlds to us - and at the same time combines them with clever words and thoughts. The editorial team of the Berliner Zeitung has decided to enter into a special relationship with Raban Ruddigkeit. The artist, who lives in Berlin, has agreed to design half a page every week in the Berliner Zeitung at the weekend and on the online pages of our portal, and to design his special graphic tiles, consisting ofword and image, on current events and publish them with us.«

Thank you for your trust in me to Editor-in-chief Tomasz Kurianowicz: and Art director Uros Pajovic and here's to a good cooperation! Discover the Berliner Zeitung and my »Graphic Content«. Read the Introduction!