From the Trenches – Graphic Designers Association of Catalonia

Since this pandemic began at the end of last year, the world of design, in all its specialities, has not been unaware of the possibility and the need to intervene in a clear and more or less direct way.

Each place and each circumstance has allowed a type of action or a form of collaboration. The "industrial capacities" of some have allowed collaborative actions to be generated that have facilitated the production of necessary artifacts. The communicative abilities of others have also allowed collaborative actions to be generated in which visual objects have been created that move, explain, protect, appeal to behaviour, seduce and inform, and manage to generate awareness and encourage a disoriented and distressed society.

The "poster" has never disappeared from our environment but during this pandemic it has been reborn with strength and there are many actions of this kind that have been developed, but none has reached the level of relevance and internationalization that we have promoted from the Official College of Graphic Design of Catalonia, with the project "From the Trenches. One day less, one more design".

My participation to »From the Trenches. One day less, one more design«