Rêves, Bachelor-Bookazine

What makes a good illustrator for you?
In fact, these are always the same two things: the first is conceptual thinking and the second is precision craftsmanship. But these two things are also true in music. That also exists in film and it is the same in all artistic and creative areas. The same applies to illustration: 50% is conceptual work and 50% is craftsmanship. Anyone who is good at both things is a top illustrator. There are exceptions, where people have better ideas than they can draw, they usually become cartoonists and there are also people who can draw better than develop ideas, they then become encyclopedia illustrators, for example. But what I mean by classic illustration is fifti fifti conception and implementation ...

Raban Ruddigkeit in conversation with Mirjam Machowski for their Bookazine Rêves.