Causa Questionnaire

“Who meets Raban Ruddigkeit, experiences a fast thinking & inventive People. Anything that impresses him, he transforms into pictures & graphics. Ruddigkeit is one of the most awarded designers of the country; he is a designer experienced as well as a developer of advertising concepts. In Causa he shows from today on his view of things in a Graphic Comment.” DER TAGESSPIEGEL

What inspired you most recently?
The faster and more hectic we are plunge us into the future, the more further back I try to see what it's like to be to learn human history there is. The book that made me in the last months always has inspired again, this is the “Tao te king” by Laotse.

Your favourite formulation at the moment?
“On the contrary, the word often true.” Laotse

What did you buy recently and why?
Two pairs of shoes of the Berliner Company "Atheist". So far you always had to make up your mind, whether a man should be comfortable or chic shoes carries. In these models both actually come up wonderfully together.

What are you afraid of?
Before answering of this question.

What drug can you not to do without?
The Internet.

Which question is on your mind right now?
What possibilities do we to shape communication in this way, so that people - in the multiple senses of this word – understand? If there are sixteen-year-olds with depressions and other diseases of civilization I'm gonna have to beat around the bush, our society still seems far from their actual to be away from ideals.

What are you particularly good at?
My mother was a germanist, my father a painter. I hike between these two worlds around and feel and I'll be the transmitter. As someone who thinks, values and visions of others in pictures or words translated. I I'm a messenger, not the message.