The right solution is the claim of our campaign for the brands of Deutsche Börse Group. For the first time they all stand together under one umbrella. Therefor we build a typeface, which can move his parts and than rearranged in new messages.

With more than 150 digital billboards, web banners and print ads in the first station London the campaign starts in january 2016. Enjoy the website & read the article in the German communication magazine Horizont!

... "The Right Solution" is the claim linking all sub-brands. Ruddigkeit gives it emphasis with a specially developed, highly sophisticated type design: the letters are formed from dots, in the clips they move from one side to the other like the ticker of a display - and disappear bit by bit at the edge of the page, while a new text runs from right to left into the display surface. This creates the impression of continuous movement. The ticker of the stock tickers provided the inspiration. In London railway stations, the stock exchange's message flickers on giant displays.

Characteristic of Ruddigkeit are graphic formations that can be varied astonishingly in many ways without losing their character. The campaign can also be modified for digital out-of-home media, banners and spots. Even print motifs - in the "Welt" and in the "Welt am Sonntag", for example - announce the joint appearance of the group. One appearance for many cases. Constant change is the norm today - also in design ... Fabian Wurm in Horizont