Kristjan Järvi & Baltic Sea Philharmonic »Midnight Sun«

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic released its new music video Midnight Sun in August 2021, the latest work in the Musical Chain, an innovative series of music videos that enables special aesthetic experiences online. The music for the new production was written and remixed by Kristjan Järvi. Recorded by the Baltic Sea Philharmonic during its »Nordic Pulse« tour in September 2020, the music is characterized by rocking drive, continually building textures and emotional intensity, as well as the unique improvisations of Estonian bagpiper Mari Meentalo. The BMG/Modern Recordings label is also releasing the audio track of »Midnight Sun« as a single in both long-play and radio versions.

It was directed by Berlin-based designer, graphic artist and illustrator Raban Ruddigkeit, who has been working with the Baltic Sea Philharmonic since 2016 and is responsible for all of the orchestra's graphic design. He worked with Jonas Rose, a young German graphic designer from Münster on the design concept and animations for the video. Ruddigkeit says: »Inspired by the corporate design of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic - the five lines of the staff in a 360° system - and the beauty of nature around the Baltic Sea, we created a music video that unites opposites. Day and night, sun and snow, cold and warmth, enclosedness and endlessness are here in constant exchange with each other and only this interaction creates the energy that makes life possible at all.«