Frank Ruddigkeit – Signs & Words

»The artistic work of Frank Ruddigkeit includes graphic art, painting and sculpture in equal measure. His large-format murals as well as the monumental sculptures are still present in Leipzig's public today. The drawings, however, precede all artistic work. They are elementary impulse, original idea and starting point of his artistic adaptations.« From the preface in the catalog for the exhibition »Frank Ruddigkeit – Signs & Words« at the MdbK Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig. More at!

Frank Ruddigkeit – Signs & Words, Publisher: Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, Curators: Dr. Alfred Weidinger and Dr. Fabian Müller-Nittel, Editors: Katrin Klietsch, Beate Locker and Dr. Stefan Weppelmann, Photos: Antonia Speerforck, Marius Brüggen and Stefan Hoyer/PUNCTUM, Design: Raban Ruddigkeit. Available in the Museum Store of the MdBKMuseum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig.