Divine Golden Ingenious – The Golden Ratio

»Seek, and you shall find: from the pineapple’s skin to Da Vinci’s works, Marilyn Monroe’s facial features or the façade of Leipzig’s Old Town Hall. The golden ratio appears to be omnipresent. The proportion, elevated to a universal constant of harmony in the nineteenth century, has retained an irresistible fascination ever since antiquity. Is there really a mathematical principle underlying our perception of beauty? Or is this would-be Theory of Everything just a charming myth?«

The Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication asked us to design a book & the marketing materials for their new exhibition Divine Golden Ingenious – The Golden Ratio as a Theory for Everything? We create a Key visual, a design, which is based on the Golden Ratio & a Fibunacci-typeface. The book is published by Hirmer Publishers & comes out in a english & a german version. We’re honored to be a petit part of the excellent show, which is first seen in Berlin & 2017 in Frankfurt/Main.