Logos are the face of a brand & the heart of visual communication That is why it should be beautiful, smart & clear. Over the years, Raban Ruddigkeit has designed dozens of signs that can still be seen in media, products & some Berlin taxis today.


XYZ001 represents an innovative masc production system shaped by Swiss ingenuity, German engineering standards, and European values. The “plug-and-play factory” can be set up in any room with access to electricity and Wi-Fi. The machine itself and the main raw material, meltblown fleece, are made in Germany. A model that puts smart, decentralized mask production right where it’s needed: close to the people and all over Europe. A model that guarantees quality and a reliable supply. That operates at unbeatable prices, because it cuts out the middleman and reduces costs. That minimizes the environmental footprint and strengthens local value creation. That demonstrates how corporate success and social responsibility are actually very compatible. We designed the logo & corporate design in 2021. Have a look at the entire design concept in the Corporate design section!


In his company CON FUOCO, the Italian musician & producer Federico Mattioli combines the analog technology of immersive music recording with the possibilities of digital technology. We have developed a logo system & a corporate design that combines the simple form of a note with an immersive concept. Have a look at the entire design concept in the Corporate design section!


Table Professional Briefings are a new information service for top decision-makers and experts in business and science, politics, administration, NGOs and associations. The Professional Briefings from Table Media combine the quality of leading media with the depth of focus of specialist information: clearly delimited subject areas are precisely and comprehensively analyzed by large, experienced specialist editors, independently and highly topical. We developed the design of the logo system and the newsletter in 2021. Have a look at the entire design concept in the Corporate design section!


»We founded ForTomorrow as a non-profit so that everyone can already live climate-neutrally and together we can transform Europe into a climate-neutral continent. Every German emits an average of 11 tons of CO2 a year. We will help you to reduce these emissions to less than one ton in the long term. We will compensate for the rest for you.« Our small contribution to this big idea is this logo, which we designed in 2021.


The National Hydrogen Strategy is the long-awaited basis for the continued success of the energy transition and also for the long-term achievability of the climate targets. It marks a real change in the previous energy and climate policy and is therefore a conclusive result of the discussions of the past few years. This logo was developed for the expert committee, the Nationaler Wasserstoffrat (National Hydrogen Council), in 2021.


»The logo of the >Direct Auction< has a proletarian effect in the truest sense of the word: it is the red and white symbol of the Federal Employment Agency – just inverted in color and rotated by 90 degrees. Behind the art, as this logo seems to say, are socially relevant people. And they need special support, especially in times of Corona. The proceeds from the >Direct Auction<, an auction that will take place between November 26th and 28th at the Jeschke Van Vliet auction house in Berlin, will largely benefit the artists themselves.« Hanno Hauenstein, Berliner Zeitung, 25.11.2020


This logo was created for the 20th anniversary of the German Energy Agency (dena). It is based on the in-house corporate design and gives the forms a content.


Technologies rapidly change the way people access news and communicate. They transform both media and public. Trafo wishes to understand these phenomena and to tab on the opportunities to contribute to independent quality media and a well informed public. Trafo collaborates with and invests in companies with a focus on media tech and content tech striving for independence and quality. www.trafo.com


Logo & Design for BALTIC SEA PHILHARMONIC, 2020. ⁠This dedicated online campaign is inspired by historic human chains, such as the Baltic Way, which was a peaceful political demonstration on 23 August 1989 when around two million people joined hands to form a human chain across the three Baltic states. Musical Chain will feature musicians from the Baltic Sea Philharmonic joining with creative collaborators for a series of musical-chain videos, in which a piece of music is transformed by one performer after another & new pieces are composed by different musicians on the same theme.⁠ www.baltic-sea-philharmonic.eu


Logo & Design for DELPHAI, 2020. Discover⁠ tomorrow – DELPHAI is the premier analytics platform for actionable insights on the innovations & companies driving change across industries. Dashboards from top level context ⁠down to the last detail.⁠ ⁠www.delphai.com


Logo & Design for MAYA ISELI CREATIVE SERVICES, 2020. Maya Iseli & her team offer full-service production for stills, motion & digital content for the fashion, beauty & luxury industries, providing expertise from art buying to the final image.⁠ www.mayaiseli.com


Logo & Design for GLOBAL ALLIANCE POWERFUELS, 2020. The Alliance was initiated by the German Energy Agency (dena) together with 16 renowned corporate partners. The strategic objective of the Alliance is to foster the development of a global market for Powerfuels. The Alliance defines Powerfuels as synthetic gaseous or liquid non-biofuels that draw their energy content from renewable electricity. Powerfuels are renewable & climate-friendly & can be used as energy carriers & feedstock – a missing link to a successful global energy transition. ⁠


Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2020


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