Book Talk with Vincent & Voltaire

»From my father I know the essentials you need to know about design, & from my mother I inherited the talent to be able to talk & write about it quite well, too. I am inspired by courage, honesty & intelligence, which unfortunately does not come together a million times. One person who impresses me time and again is Art Spiegelman, whom I also introduce in the current issue of Freistil – The book of Illustration. There, among others, one also encounters Käthe Kollwitz, Honóre Daumier & John Heartfield, who, in addition to their artistic greatness, have also proven themselves to be characters who have not lost themselves in the course of time ...« Thanks to Vincent &Voltaire for the conversation about books, pictures & the giants on whose shoulders I like to rest. Read my Recommendations (in German) at Vincent & Voltaire!