Direkte Auktion, 2020


The first »Direct Auction« (Direkte Auktion) helps the Berlin art scene itself in times of Corona. From November 26th to 28th, more than 400 works by over 300 artists, mostly living and working in Berlin, will be auctioned in Berlin and online, most of them straight from the studios. Two third of the proceeds go to those involved artists. The initiators Bettina Semmer, Holm Friebe and the auction house Jeschke Van Vliet as well as all participating curators, gallery owners and artists set an example with this cross-border and – above all – solidarity idea.⁠

For the graphic design i rotated the logo of the german employment office (Arbeitsamt) so that a direct reference is clearly recognizable. The curated works in the 350-page catalog ranges from renowned to revolutionary, from Banksy to Baselitz. It was conceived and designed in a way that an entire book can be created from 20 individual issues for the galleries involved. Get your copy now from #buecherbogen_berlin #andreasmurkudis #Buchhandlung Walther König Berlin and #Bötzowbuch as well as all preview locations. And take part directly in the auction at #direkteauktion⁠

Find the complete catalogue here!