Freistil # 7 Call For Entries

The Bible Of Illustration # 7, Deadline extended until 31 July 2020!

FREISTIL has followed the renaissance of illustration for almost twenty years, providing illustrators with a valuable platform for their work. It showcases illustrative variety and power, scouts out new talent and presents the latest offerings from the stars on the scene. FREISTIL raises issues and addresses the topics that affect the scene. It’s also a starting block for a number of illustrators’ careers. And for some art directors, FREISTIL is their last resort – here you‘re sure to find the look you want!

Now, three eventful years after the last issue, in 2020 we will release FREISTIL # 7 with the best illustrators in the business and exciting essays about the role played by the illustration in the communication sector and the role of the illustrator in a changing world. With a two-page spread for each illustrator containing the work, contact information and references in addition to a statement about their personal approach to tackling an illustration.

Your contribution will, however, not be accepted until the printing costs of 295.00€ + VAT for a two-page spread are remitted. Transactions are handled by the publisher Verlag Hermann Schmidt: 1 Two-page spread or 2 Two-page spreads.

If you want to be one of these illustrators and part of FREISTIL # 7, please enter before 30 July 2020. The following PDF explains the participation process in detail: