Baltic Sea Philharmonic

Musicians from the 10 Baltic countries plays together with conductor Kristjan Järvi in the Baltic Sea Philharmonic. For this holistic concept of connecting intercultural issues with the power of music we developed a Design-Code, which consist of logos, graphics & colors. In the centre stand a 360 degree grid of 5 lines inspired by staves.


Kristjan Järvi, Founding Conductor and Music Director of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic: “The new design resembles everything we stand for: energy, light, positivity – all aspects brought together in one place. The outline of this star, which is a transformation of the 5 lines of the musical stave, draws the map of the Baltic Sea region whose rich cultural heritage and technological developments the Baltic Sea Philharmonic promotes worldwide. Raban Ruddigkeit immediately understood that we are more than just an orchestra but rather a platform for society, culture and environment, establishing and harmonising regional goals through creating a unified identity, creativity and innovative branding.“


With this system, not only can the orchestra look fresh at any time, but each goal can be given a special design. Since 2016, various appearances have been created in this way – each one independent & yet referring to the umbrella brand.